Enhancing my room with 3D Printing + PVC

A couple of months ago, we received a 3d printer at Rosalila Studio Community Space. So I decided to print useful stuff for my room.


I had a lot of fun building this. I know it can be improved in a lot of ways but I'm very happy that it's finally usable. I've been testing this a lot beacause I want to find out the simplest way to build it. I'll probably make a whole article about this later.

I used a screwdriver, a coping saw, a tape measure, compressed cardboard, some screws (6' 3/4 with round head), some PVC tubes (1/2') and DonaldJ's 3D printed joints.

Underwear separators

I love this separators! They are very ergonomic and easy to print. You just need to print a bunch of this small sheets and fit them together.

Curtain Holder

This a very simple hack. I just used a PVC tube, a copping saw and two printed sealers.

That's it, thanks for reading!

Ahmed Castro

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