3DEasy news and updates 24/5/17

3DEasy.co is an online shop where you can buy doge figures and other cool 3d printed stuff easily using dogecoin. Haven't heard about it yet? Go and check it out! We ship worldwide.

We're finally up and running! The servers went down due to a migration. But now everything is set up and the store is open again. If you already had an account, please create a new one because we had to do a database reset.

In other news, our first orders have been shipped successfully. Thanks and congratulations for your orders to all you fellow shibes! Also, thanks for letting us know your orders arrived successfully, hearing your stories is a huge motivation for us.

Dogecoin price has incremented a lot in the exchanges lately! That's why we lowered all the prices to match the recent price increment. So now we have items starting at 640Ð + Shipping. Don't miss your chance now that the price is high! Start shopping now!

Ahmed Castro

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