3DEasy updates 21/4/17

After the first announcements on /r/dogecoin/ we received our first orders and a lot of feedback. Based on that we added the following updates. Thanks everyone for your support and congratulations for your purchases!

Update list

  • New logo, now relatable to 3DPrinting and Ðoge.
  • New checkout process. Now it's easier to understand and has all the required information from our courier.
  • Facebook page now open. Like us to stay updated with news and discounts.
  • Don't worry if you forgot your password because we just enabled the password recovery option under the Login page.
  • The prices were readjusted. Checkout our items starting at Ð4.8k + Shipping.

Did you know we ship worldwide? Check out our Doge figures and more at 3Deasy.co!

Ahmed Castro

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