Crypto Poker SPS

On June 16 we organized a crypto poker event at San Pedro Sula, this article talks about our experience and what's coming up next.

What is Crypto Poker SPS?

It's an event we just started organizing where we bet cryptocurrencies by playing poker live. We want to have a good time and share our interest on both poker and crypto.

The first event

I wanted to know who was interested, what crypto was the most common and how would this work. Got some poker chips, 3d printed crypto themed chips, got some nice looking card decks, pickup a place and time, contacted a couple of friends, setup a facebook event page.

Some chips I designed and 3d printed

That day we had a heavy storm and the place we picked was a bit far from the city center so many didn't attend because of that. However we were able to make a table of 6 player and had a lot of fun. Some came for the poker, other for the crypto and other for both.

Our table at the event, Dennis brought a lot of people and helped us with the poker rules

The place

I picked Angeli Gardens Bar, the first time I went there was for a crypto meetup. I really like this place, it has a lot of space, the decor is cool, they have crafted beer, good lightning, the music is not too loud. Also it's a place where (I guess) we are allowed to play card games in public. I think this place is good for playing poker. However, as I already said, it's a bit far from the center of the city and also there was no wifi. Two things to get into consideration if we decide to use this space again.

Angeli Gardens Bar crafted beer sampler

The rules

I wanted to make a pot prize from an entrance fee but we weren't able to do it because there was no wifi. So the Superior Coin guys put SUP 7k and I put Ð 4k to the pot and we didn't have an entrance fee. We played using the following rules:

  • Texas Hold'em
  • 460 in chip value to each player
  • 10 and 20 as small and big blinds
  • The blinds doubled every 10 mins
  • Each player had 3 mins max to make a choice
  • No rebuy

This guy won SUP 7k + Ð 4k and I was the first one to lose all my chips. I want a rematch!

When will be the next event?

We had lots of fun, I think it was a good beta test and we learned a lot. So we are going to organize another one with more time and better logistics. Superior Coin guys offered their convention center, we could have about 20 attendees and good internet connection, I think that sounds very good.

There is still no date for the next event but you can stay tuned in the Crypto-Divisas Honduras facebook group, I'll be posting about it there. You can contact me if you want to help or something.

Thanks for reading!

Ahmed Castro

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