Flatshot Development journal #1

I decided to start using this blog to post a development journal series. In here I expect to post our progress between releases. I don't know how this will turn out since I don't consider myself as a writing person, but anyhow let's get started.

You never know unless you try

Quick recap

Like 3 or 4 years ago John Mack and me (Ahmed Castro) started developing both a Fighting Game and Engine. Since creating a Fighting Game takes a lot more work compared to other games we decided to switch our efforts to another genre we also love: The Shoot'Em Up. In a couple of months we completed the v1.0 of Rosalila Shooter Engine with the help from Miguel Chicas and Jerzon Hernandez. This engine was made with the Rosalila Engine which serves both the Rosalila's Fighting Game Engine and The Shooter Engine.

Rosalila Shooter Engine

Now that the engine's first version is finished we went to a Mega Startup Weekend to participate creating a game with it. During the event, David Chavarria, Juan Venegas and Victor Aguirre joined the team and together we won first place in the Game Track.


Since then, two Flatshot versions have been published and you can take a deeper look at them in our IndieDB articles:


What's next

Now we're working on our 3rd beta release. This time we want to focus on the core player mechanics. We almost completed all of them but some final tuning is still needed.

  • Proximity damage multiplier: The closer the player gets to the enemy, the harder it hits. This was added since the v0.1.


  • Charged attack: Charge an attack and when you release it, it will clean the enemy bullets.

  • Parry: Parry up to 3 enemy bullets per stage, every time he parries it gets invincible and a speed boost for a short amount of time.

  • Proration shield: When a bullets hits the player, a shield get activated automatically for a short amount of time. This shield lowers the damage of the next incoming bullets damages that hits the player.

After this release we will focus on a final demo version before we release it on Steam Greenlight.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Ahmed Castro

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