Flatshot Development journal #2

Flatshot versions

A couple of months ago we planned to release a series of versions until we hit Greenlight. The last version was v0.2 where we focused on the core game mechanics so bullet hell players could test the game and give us some feedback before building more levels. However, we didn't got too much attention from players. I think this was because the lack of content and a trailer, just the core mechanics wasn't enough. So I'll make sure that v0.3 will have both.

Youtube channel and Videos

Finally, we released our Youtube channel! It turns out that ages ago I wanted to upgrade my video editing skills and this was a great time to do so. In the process I learned:

  • How to make flat 3d objects using the process explained in this tutorial
  • Video editing tools (transitions, workflow process)
  • How to improve vocals using software. I got a lot of great ideas from this tutorial this tutorial

I'm very happy with the result so far!

Flatshot 3d logo creation on Blender

Video editing on Blender

Voice upgrade with audacity

I used all these new skills to do a video series explaining the core gameplay mechanics:

This playlist is the final result

Random generated backgrounds

This is probably my favorite update news. Every time you play the game you'll get a different background generated randomly. John and I made the following rules so it always would look nice:

  • Every stage has one or two colors taken randomly from the Google Material Palette
  • Every stage has one or two big geometrical objects (triangles, squares, circles)
  • Every stage has one, two or three small geometrical objects (triangles, squares, circles)
  • All triangles are always on the bottom of the screen. (Similar to mountains?)
  • All circles are never on the bottom of the screen. (Similar to planets/moons?)

Oh Flatshot please stay classy

Massive level production

"More is less..." Wait what???

Now that the core mechanics are finished, we proceeded to do a lot of stages (maybe 15+ so far?). Not all stages are carefully balanced but we think that's OK for now.

Check out our facebook post for more screenshots.

Steam group

We created our steam community group. In the group, we can create announcements and everyone can create threads. I think this will will be very useful on the near future to keep in touch with the players once the game is on Greenlight and Steam. Feel free to join in!

What's next

  1. UI and menus Probably not my favorite thing to code and design (specially because the menu code is quite a mess right now). But I try my best that it looks fine, easy to navigate and have a minimalist aesthetic.
  2. Music I'm kind of worried about this since I'm not fast at composing music. So far there are three tracks (two made by me and one by Jerzon). I'm not sure how many more we'll be able to release in the following weeks.
  3. Trailer A nice looking trailer to grab attention from new players and game reviewers.
  4. Reviews Once the trailer is done, I plan to write to game magazines and show them Flatshot. Hopefully they will make a game review. Wish us good luck!
  5. Greenlight Finally!

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Ahmed Castro

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