Flatshot's Press kit

The Game

Flatshot is a Shoot'em up (Bullet-Hell, Shmup or STG) with minimalist flat aesthetics.

The development began at the Startup Weekend Mega CA. We were able to complete the first prototype and win the #1 place in the gamming development track. After that, we have continued the development and now we are about to launch on Steam Greenlight.

Flatshot is made with the Rosalila Shooter Engine wich is a free as in freedom (LGPL) engine specialized on bullet hell games. The development started around 2011 and Flatshot would be the first game released on Steam.

Find out more about our journey on our Development Journal.


  • Keyboard and Gamepad support
  • Available on Linux, OS X and Windows
  • Free to play, pay for Steam features
  • Free as in freedom (LGPL license)
  • Minimalist flat design
  • Random generated backgrounds
  • Engaging soundtrack
  • Diverse, unique and challenging boss attack patterns
  • Interactive tutorial and training
  • Deep and simple core mechanics


Game mechanics

With only 8 directional movement and a a single action button we achieved a deep gameplay experience:

  • Proximity damage multiplier: The closer you get, the harder you hit.
  • Charge attack: Stop shooting to charge, shoot to unleash the an attack that cleans bullets in it's way.
  • Parry: Press the shoot button right before getting hit to parry.
  • Parry dash: After a successful parry, keep pressed shoot button for a short invulnerability time and speed boost.
  • Damage proration: On hit, the player activates a shield that lowers the next hits damage.


We created a visually pleasing look inspired by flat principles.

  • No HUD: We replaced the traditional HUD by other indicators such as screen shakes, sound effects, color effects. Now the player will be more focused on the fast peaced action.
  • Random generated backgrounds: Every time the game starts a new background will be generated. All backgrounds are carefully designed with colors and shapes that will surprise the player senses every time.


The music strings along the gameplay boosting an action packaged atmosphere. Be ready for Adrenaline fuel, Trance and Stress.

Fact Sheet


  • Started on december 2015 at Startup Weekend Mega CA 2015
  • Awards & Recognition
    • Startup Weekend Mega CA 2015 Game track #1 place
  • Social

Rosalila Studio:






Flatshot's Mechanics Explained

Version 0.3 Gameplay

Logo and icon

Demo Download

The Team

This game is being developped at Rosalila Studio. We make open and free as in freedom games in an open and flat organization.

Current developer team


Morghan 831:


  • Name: John Mackay
  • Top skill: Graphics
  • Websites: Github

Startup Weekend collaborators

Victor Aguirre, Juan Rodrigo, David Chavarria

Beta testing and core gameplay mechanics

Miguel Chicas


  • Email: rosalila.studio@gmail.com
  • Facebook

Ahmed Castro

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