How to fix these 5 overworking pains

I tend to overwork on the PC. I won't say it's good or that you should do it too. But if you happen to come across it I would like to share with you this list of pains I got fixed so you can prevent or fix them too.

1. Lower back pain

Probably the first pain to show up when you are overworking. It's the hardest to fix because the real solution is to stop long working sessions. I'm not stopping, at least not now.

How I deal with it

  • Got a good chair with lumbar support
  • Try to avoid long working sessions
  • Started doing workout. Hiking, walking, playing pump it up.
  • Increased resistance by doing lower back heavy workout.

Lower back heavy workout has been very helpful, pic by O'Dea

2. Neck and upper back pain

I used to work on mini-laptops so I was always flexing down my neck to look at the screen. A lower neck pain appeared and expanded little by little down my back.

How I fixed it

  • Got an external monitor and put books below it so I can have a relaxed neck position by looking to the front.
  • Pay attention to your elbow and arms. They should be in a relaxed position.

Adjust the monitor height with books or whatever until yo reach a relaxed neck position. Pic by blitzduck

3. Continuous bathroom visits

If you don't give your bladder enough space while sitting it won't be able to hold your pee. I ended up peeing after each glass of water. Then it becomes an habit to your body and this continues happening even if you are not sitting.

How I fixed it

  • Sit with an angle greater than 90┬░.
  • Working standing up should fix this too.

I don't know about what is the exact best angle, just try to give bladder enough space. Pic by BBC

4. Eye elasticity loss

After 15h straight in front of the PC every day for a couple of weeks my eye lost the ability to focus anything that wasn't my PC. I got some heavy migraines when trying to focus anything else. Even with my eyes closed.

How I fixed it

  • Had to stop working on the PC for a couple of days.
  • Made some routines of focusing different objects at different distances to get the elasticity back up.
  • Working in open places with good view helps preventing this. I now avoid cubicles.

Made some routines of focusing different objects at different distances to get the elasticity back up. Try to focus on both close (hands, window...) and longer (mountains, sky...) objects to do larger stretches in each rep. Pic by windows central

5. Hemorrhoids

Ew, I know... I got some hemorrhoids because blood circulation problems.

How I fixed it

  • Got a chair that won't cut my blood circulation on my legs.
  • Excercice
  • Eat healthy

Final recomendations

Our human bodies are built to hunt, collect food, build shelters and spears. There is no perfect ergonomic position for working on the PC so don't try to find it. However you can pay attention to your working environment and have a healthy life to be more productive short and long term.

Special thanks to my friends, internet articles and doctor that helped me figure these stuff out.

Cover pic by Open Clip Art Vectors

Ahmed Castro

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